Broadstream Presents // OFF BROADWAY

The year is 2020 and the American theater is shut down… but it is not shut off. Off Broadway follows the staff of a non-profit theater as they come together on Zoom and scramble to stave off extinction. The show is a scathing critique of an industry desperately trying to reinvent itself in the midst of a pandemic.


Presented by Jeremy O. Harris

In association with Lucas Katler, Jana Shea & Broadstream

Written by Torrey Townsend

Directed by Robert O’Hara


Dylan Baker as Andy Martin

Becky Ann Baker as Betty Rytting

Jessica Frances Dukes as Marla Dwek

Jason Butler Harner as Garrick Chauveaux

Richard Kind as Daryl Lependorf

Hal Linden as J.P. Fister

Jillian Mercado as Alix Mitchell

Kara Wang as Steph Bennett


The Chamber Group (Public Relations)

Laura Elkeslassy (Script/ Production Consultant)

Ari Fulton (Costume Designer/ Props Consultant)

Jim Glaub (Technical Consultant)

Miranda Gohh (Company/ Production Manager)

Teniece Divya Johnson (Intimacy Director/ Empathy Culture Consultant)

Clarissa Marie Ligon (Production Coordinator)

Twi McCallum (Sound Designer)

Kameron Neal (Graphic Designer)

Nicholas Polonio (Associate Producer)

softFocus (Consulting Partner)

Victor Vazquez, CSA – X Casting (Casting Director)

Leah Vicencio (Technical Director/ Video Editor)

Art That Meets The Moment. Launching Summer 2021

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